Temporary Change in Sunday Mass Schedule

Temporary change in Sunday Mass schedule

We are very fortunate in having three priests who are able and willing to assist in offering Sunday Masses here at St. Eugene: Fr. Robert Murray, O.S.A., Fr. Peter Clark, S.J. and Fr. James Grant.  However, due to limitations related to the health crisis we now face, Fathers Clark and Grant are unavailable to assist at St. Eugene at this time and Fr. Murray is limited to 1 Sunday Mass.   As a result, I have found it necessary to temporarily suspend the 9:30am Sunday Mass effective Sunday, June 21.  This is a decision being made by many parishes in response to a shortage of priests and a sharp decline in Mass attendance.  The attendance at the 9:30am Sunday Mass is less than half of that at the other Masses and I found it necessary to provide more time between the 8:00am and 11:30am Mass in order to sanitize the church.  Also, saying 3 – 4 Sunday Masses each weekend in addition to the other duties/responsibilities I have every Sunday was becoming very difficult for me.  This is a temporary change; once the Archbishop re-instates the obligation of Sunday Mass, the 9:30am Sunday Mass will return.  Mass intentions for the 9:30am Sunday Mass will be changed to a different time on the Sunday originally assigned/requested.  I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.